last updated 08/03/22


  1. Eco Warriorz – a subsidiary of Lingo Design Ltd, Director Elizabeth Pendleton established under English law having its principal place of business at 37 Attwyll Avenue, Exeter, Devon, EX2 5HW.


  2. The “Volunteer” – the person registering to attend events with Eco Warriorz


  3. The “Event” – the festivals which Eco Warriorz attends.


  1. Eco Warriorz organisation provides a service to events, offering waste-reduction in campsites through positive behaviour change engagement activities.
  2. Services are provided to the parties via the terms and conditions herein

Definitions and Interpretation

In this Agreement:

“Database” means the online storage of data within our volunteer management system, operated by Groop. company number is 07529352 and our registered office at Charlotte Cottage, Devizes Road, Box, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 8DY. 

“Deposit” means the payment made in lieu of your event access – this is typically a value equating to a weekend adult entry


“Eco Warrior” means the volunteer role or person carrying out the role


“Event” means the duration of the event including all shifts and the training before. 


“Shift” means the hours of volunteering or work while at the event


“Volunteer/Volunteering” means unpaid work time spent in the role


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  1. If you have any queries regarding the Eco Warriorz Terms and Conditions, you are advised to contact Eco Warriorz in writing before submitting your application and paying your deposit. You can do this by contacting email@ecowarriorz.org.uk
  2. These terms and conditions apply specifically to volunteers of Eco Warriorrz, and apply in conjunction with the terms of entry to any specific event applied to by the volunteer, along with the volunteer agreement.
  3. These terms and conditions are subject to change and in light of any changes an update will be sent to you directly.
  4. By signing up to volunteer with Eco Warriorz, you agree to all points stipulated within this document.
  5. By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing to abide by the Eco Warriorz:
    1. Terms and Conditions:
    2. Code of Conduct:
    3. Volunteer agreement
  6. By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Eco Warriorz Database – available via the Groop website and the MyResources section.
  7. By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing that any photographs; video; sound recordings taken of you or by you may be used by Eco Warriorz and the clients of Eco Warriorz for any promotional purposes.
  8. By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing that for the safety of the general public prior to arrival on any event or event site your personal details may be passed to the police to allow for a Police National Computer (PNC) check and/or Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to be performed.
  9. By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing that if your performance is deemed less than satisfactory by Eco Warriorz, your volunteer offer will be withdrawn, resulting in the termination of our volunteer agreement with you and your deposit may be retained. Please also seeEco Warriorz – Privacy Policy & GDPR *needs checking
  10. We reserve the right not to offer you further voluntary or paid opportunities with Eco Warriorz.
  11. When volunteering with Eco Warriorz you are operating under a fixed-term volunteer agreement, a copy of which is available within Resources section of the database.
  12. The specific details pertaining to volunteer positions with Eco Warriorz vary depending on the event and role. 
  13. The initial briefing and training sessions at each event form part of your volunteer agreement, as does your agreement to volunteer with Eco Warriorz for the duration of the event. 
  14. Any failure on your part to meet with; the terms of the volunteer agreement, any event-specific terms and conditions, the Code of Conduct, or the Eco Warriorz Volunteering Agreement will result in the termination of your position and may lead to your removal from site, plus the requirement to pay any costs to Eco Warriorz that may have been incurred, forfeit of your deposit and retraction of offer of all future paid or voluntary opportunities with Eco Warriorz.



    1. Borders and Immigration – proving your right to work and volunteer in the UK.
    2. To undertake unpaid voluntary work, as well as paid work in the UK, you must have the right to work either through your citizenship or a work visa. Under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act of 2006, Eco Warriorz is required to check your right to work before we can allow you to start working on the event site.
    3. This means that before you can start volunteering with us, you will need to produce documentation to prove you have this right. If you do not produce this documentation, we cannot let you work or volunteer with us. The list of valid proof of right to work is produced by the UK Border Agency, not by Eco Warriorz, and these are the ONLY documents that will be accepted by Eco Warriorz. We need to see the original documents which means you need to bring them to the event or event site. We also need to hold a copy of the documents.
    4. Following the UK’s departure from the European Union, we are only able to offer volunteering opportunities to people who have the legal right to work in the UK and can no longer accept applications from all EU/ EEA identity card holders. If you hold either a UK or Republic of Ireland passport or identity card you have the automatic right to work in the UK. Any European Economic Area/Swiss passport or a non-UK/EEA passport will require a valid visa showing your right to work/volunteer in the UK as acceptable proof. 
    5. We will require home office approval of your right to work, which you can obtain via https://www.gov.uk/prove-right-to-work
    6. Please note, that Eco Warriorz are not currently able to offer sponsorship for visas to work or volunteer with us at events .
    7. If you do not have a passport, we can accept a long birth certificate AND either your National Insurance card or an official document from a previous employer with your NI number clearly shown.
    8. A UK Driving License IS NOT valid as proof even in combination with a birth certificate or NI card.
    9. For more information please see the documents available via the link below. https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa
    10. You must be over 18 to volunteer with Eco Warriorz

    1. Paying a deposit does not guarantee your position at an event; applications are assessed, and positions allocated after a deposit has been paid. 
    2. Eco Warriorz will operates either a fixed or a variable deposit scheme, and the value of a deposit may vary depending on which events you are applying for. 
    3. Please ensure you read the details of the deposit value before applying for an event.
    4. If you are applying for more than one event, you will need to pay a deposit equivalent to the highest value event you are applying for. This deposit will then be held against multiple events and returned to you following completion of your final event.
    5. All deposits are subject to an admin charge. Your deposit will be returned to you within 1 month of the end of your final event. Once your refund has been made, the payment may take a few days to arrive in your account. The email that you receive to let you know that your deposit has been returned will tell you that you have received a partial refund.

      This is your entire refund, less the admin charge.
      Some or all your deposit will be withheld if you:
      1. Fail to sign in and out from, or fail to complete any full shift allocated to you
      2. Lose any uniform and/or equipment allocated to you*
      3. Turn up to shift under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
      4. Miss your onsite briefing/s;
      5. Do not sign in and sign out onsite to your manager **
      6. Breach Eco Warriorz Terms & Conditions, or Terms & conditions set by the event;
      7. Breach the Eco Warriorz Policies & Procedures;


    6. *For uniform and equipment losses and/or damage Eco Warriorz may only withhold part of your deposit; dependent on the value of the uniform/equipment lost/damaged.
    7. ** It is your responsibility and no one else’s to make sure you sign in and sign out of every shift. If you fail to do this, we can only assume that you have either not turned up to shift or not completed your shift and you will lose your deposit.
    8. Deposits will be refunded back to the account holder from which the deposit was originally received less the standard admin fee providing you have met the terms and conditions of your specified role. 
    9. Deductions will occur only where you have failed to fulfil the terms and conditions of your role. Please see the specific terms and conditions of your role for more information on deductions.
    10. All deposit returns will be processed within one month of the final shifts and may take longer to arrive in your account. It is your responsibility to check the amount you receive and raise any queries or objections regarding deductions made by emailing email@ecowarriorz.org.uk no later than 31st October 2022. Any objections or queries raised after this date will not be considered.
    11. If you do not gain a position due to failing a PNC and/or DBS check your deposit will be returned post-event.

    1. You have the opportunity to cancel your application to an event at any time, and your deposit will be returned in full less the transaction fee, and any cancellation charges outlined in our terms and conditions.
    2. With the ever changing national response to Covid-19. We reserve the right to change this policy at any point. We will communicate this to all volunteers in the case of any changes to guidelines that our clients, the government or any parties change.
    3. If you have any MEDICAL REASON that means you are unwell and feel unable to undertake volunteering. We fully encourage you not to attend the event. You will not be penalised so long as you keep us informed with as much notice as possible.
    4. Please note, simply being a “no show” to an event or a shift at an event without giving prior notice through our official channels as outlined in the cancellation process will result in the forfeit of your deposit.
    5. Our cancellation deadlines are 5 weeks before the first onsite date of any given event. This is the last date that you can cancel your volunteering position with us without losing your full deposit.
    6. From the date you pay your deposit, a “cooling off” period of seven days applies during which time you may cancel the event(s) you have booked without incurring any charges other than our standard admin fee. After this period, you will be charged an admin fee, whatever the reason for your cancellation.
    7. For last minute applications to events that are within 7 days of the event start date, the cooling off period does not apply and you will forfeit your entire deposit if you do not attend the event.
    8. If you cancel before the cancellation deadline:
      1. If you have registered for multiple events and cancel one event before the cancellation deadline, a £20 admin fee will be deducted from your deposit
      2. If you cancel two or more events on the same occasion before the cancellation date, you will be charged a £40 admin fee. 
      3. If you cancel on separate occasions before the cancellation date, you’ll be charged £20 each time you cancel, up to your full deposit. 
    9. Once the admin fee has been deducted the remainder of your deposit will be returned within 4-6 weeks of your email cancellation, or within 4-6 weeks of your final event with us if you are attending more events.
    10. If you cancel after the cancellation deadline:
      1. For cancellations that occur after the cancellation deadline that are due to ill health or bereavement, Eco Warriorz may at their discretion choose to waive the full deposit forfeit and instead only charge the standard £20 cancellation fee. In all cases evidence must be provided, such as a fit note from your GP.
    11. Cancellation after the cancellation deadline has passed without valid reason – including work, social commitments, holidays, and illness without documented evidence will result in your full deposit being forfeited.
    12. In addition, we operate the following cancellation charges: £20 – cancelling after the deadline with evidence due to bereavement or health issues.
    13. Deductions from your deposit also apply for losing equipment such as Hi-Vis and Radios. Radios will be charged at £150, and Hi-Vis at £50.
    14. If extenuating circumstances make cancellation unavoidable, we will consider these on a case by case basis, but otherwise, the cancellation policy will apply.
    15. To cancel your position, you MUST email email@ecowarriorz.org.uk with the email heading CANCEL followed by the event name- e.g. CANCEL BOOMTOWN with details of why you are cancelling.
    17. Please make yourself familiar with the cancellation dates for all events before applying.

    1. The hours you are required to volunteer will be communicated to you before you are asked to pay your deposit
    2. Volunteer shifts may vary but will not exceed 8 hours per day (including breaks)
    3. The time it takes you to sign-in and travel to and from your position is additional to your shift.
    4. In the case of self-induced incapacity for volunteering you will forfeit your role; any allocated role at current or future events. Termination of your volunteer agreement for any reason may lead to a deduction or forfeit of your deposit. This is due to the nature of the role being for a fixed period.
    5. Your volunteering agreement is for a fixed term and expires at the end of each event.
    6. Your Volunteer offer and confirmation of position are temporary and may be withdrawn at any time due to any of the following reasons:
      1. Eco Warriorz does not gain a contract of services at named event;
      2. The named event does not take place or is cancelled;
      3. You are in breach of the Eco Warriorz or event specific Terms & Conditions; or Eco Warriorz or event specific Code of Conduct
    7. If you have a grievance about your role or are dissatisfied with any decision relating to enforcing these terms and conditions you should communicate in the first instance to the Eco Warriorz onsite Volunteer Manager who will document your conversation. You may be asked to follow up in writing to Eco Warriorz at email@ecowarriorz.org.uk

    1. All Eco Warriorz staff and volunteers must camp within the crew area specified to you in pre-event information and on your arrival, unless pre-agreed in writing.
    2. If you are given meal tickets as part of your agreement, these tickets may not be redeemable at concessions near your place of volunteering so you are recommended to plan ahead and bring your own food with you for consumption on shift.
    3. All Eco Warriorz staff and volunteers will be issued with an appropriate event access pass or wristband by the client for whom Eco Warriorz is providing a service. 
    4. Your pass or wristband will enable the bearer to access those areas relevant to the role and responsibilities allocated.
    5. When off-shift and where authorised by a License Holder this pass may be used to access and participate in the event‘s public activities under the Terms and Conditions of the License. 
    6. Any pass allocated will remain the property of the License Holder at all times.
    7. Any pass is a functional tool Eco Warriorz staff and volunteers require to carry out their duties. Breaching any License Holders Terms & Conditions; Policies and Procedures; Code of Conduct; Rules and Regulations will also be a breach of your Terms and Conditions with Eco Warriorz.

    1. Any of the following including the aiding and abetting of others constitutes a breach of the Eco Warriorz Terms and Conditions.
      1. Failure to comply with the Eco Warriorz Terms and Conditions; Code of Conduct; Code of Practice; Instructions; Policies and Procedures and instructions of Eco Warriorz and event specific clients.
      2. Neglecting to complete a required task promptly and diligently, without sufficient cause.
      3. Leaving a position without permission or without sufficient cause.
      4. Making or signing any false statements, of any description.
      5. Destroying, altering or erasing documents, records or electronic data without permission or through negligence.
      6. Divulging matters confidential to Eco Warriorz or its clients, either past or present, without permission.
      7. Soliciting or receipt of gratuities or other consideration from any person, or failure to account for keys, money or property received in connection with the business of Eco Warriorz, or its clients or partners.
      8. Incivility to persons encountered during duties or misuse of authority in connection with the business of Eco Warriorz or its clients.
      9. Conduct in a manner likely to bring discredit to a fellow employee, Eco Warriorz its clients, or Eco Warriorz’s client’s customers.
      10. Use of uniform, equipment or identification without permission.
      11. Reporting for duty under the influence of alcohol or restricted drugs or use of these whilst on duty.
      12. Failure to notify Eco Warriorz immediately of any:
        1. Conviction for a criminal and/or motoring offence;
        2. Indictment for any offence that may affect your volunteering with Eco Warriorz
        3. Police caution or legal summons that may affect your volunteering with Eco Warriorz
      13. Permitting unauthorised access to premises; event site; place of work.
      14. Carrying of equipment not issued as essential to an individual’s role or duties or use of a Eco Warriorz client’s and/or Eco Warriorz client’s customer’s equipment or facilities without permission.
      15. Not maintaining agreed standards of appearance; identification; and comportment whilst at work.

We are Groop Limited (“Groop”, “our”, “us” or “we”).  If you need it, our company number is 07529352 and our registered office at Charlotte Cottage Devizes Road, Box, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 8DY.