The Event Campsite Waste Reduction Crew

2022 Festivals: now recruiting! now booking!

Campsite Waste Reduction Crew

2022 Festivals: now recruiting! now booking!

Isle Of Wight Festival needs YOU!

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Wooo-and-a-big-hooo, we’re off to the sunny (let’s hope) Isle of Wight Festival for some more Eco-Warrioring!

The recruitment form is now open for submissions.

The event itself is running from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th September – as usual we rock up on the Wednesday night, to be ready for our first shift Thursday morning, and we would leave after our last shift, ‘the big push’ on Monday morning.

This will be our first trip over to the Isle – and we hope to recruit a team of 50 – yes FIFTY Eco Warriorz.

Can you spare a weekend to help reduce campsite waste (and have a darn good time while you’re at it?) Apply here!

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